London - September 26th

Program - London Workshop
26 September 2013

We invite you to attend a high-level interactive workshop with some of the world's leading Knowledge Management practitioners.

Engage with industry experts and find out how Knowledge Management can help you and your organization be more resilient and increase productivity in today's ever more complex business environment.

​​18:00 - 20:00 Presentations & Discussion


195 Piccadilly
​London W1J 9LN


Trudi Schifter - Founder & CEO of TallyFox Social Technologies AG

David Snowden - Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge
on "Resilience and managing complexity"
David Snowden discusses one of the most powerful tools available to organizations when trying to understand the environment they operate in: the Cognitive Edge Cynefin Model (published in the Harvard Business Review). He explores the meaning of simple, complicated, and chaotic domains from the perspective of strategic and operational planning. Perceived as an invaluable asset to senior managers, David will leave you with a deep insight into just how complex your environment is, while giving you ways in which you should respond.

David Griffiths - Founder of K3-Cubed Ltd 
"Do you know how to manage know-how?" 
What differentiates one service-driven firm from another? Beyond qualifications, what differentiates one employee from another? What is your competitive advantage founded upon? Succession planning: what knowledge skills and experience are needed to develop the next generation of executives? What do they look like? How will you develop them? These questions lead to the big question: Do you know how to manage know-how? David addresses these questions in the context of knowledge management and the differences between “traditionalist” and “adventurist” organizations.​​
20:00 - 21:00 Networking Reception
Thanks to our sponsors, participation in the workshop and the networking reception are freeTo guarantee maximum engagement & interaction, space will be strictly limited.