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01 December 2015
This issue marks an exciting milestone for us as The Water Network Newsletter turns 1 year old today!
Thanks for your support and feedback which encouraged us to now publish this newsletter bimonthly to bring you real time trends, technology, news, and case studies across the water sector. 
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Trending Technology

MIT Innovated Washing Machines
AquaFresco, created by MIT Tech, has developed a washing machine that filters out ​the small ​amount of waste ​and recycles the ​clean water and ​detergent for ​further ​cleaning cycles.
Nitrate Removal Plant Provides Flexible Water Quality Solution
The ACWA ​solution, an ​Ion Exchange ​nitrate removal ​plant, is ​designed to ​treat 22 ​million litres ​per day in the ​process ​reducing ​nitrates from a ​maximum of 64 ​mg per litre to ​5 mg per litre.
New Floating Wetland Water Treatment System
The system ​involves ​the installation ​of 230 "living" ​pontoons to ​filter man-made ​lakes which ​tackle the ​stormwater from ​436 residential ​lots, a school, ​and a 226 unit ​retirement ​village in the ​subdivision.
Editor's Choice

Stuart Orr from WWF talks about stewardship activities at WWF and steps when approaching major challenges in motivating companies to do more for water conservation.
Reza Bahrami would like to know how to ​check/calculate ​the performance ​ratio for MED-​TVC desalination ​process if you ​have the PFD (​process flow ​diagram) of ​a desalination ​plant.
The condition of ​the water and ​sanitation ​facilities with ​pointing out the damage it ​is causing to ​the society in Maharashtra, India from perspective of Vishakha Rajput, COO of The Water Network.
​Markus Pahlow, Researcher at University of Twente talks about the the ​aquaculture ​sector that is ​steadily ​growing and it's growing demand ​for aquafeed.
​Mark W. LeChevallier of American Water shares his thoughts on water conservation and water footprint in the beer industry today.
Featured Events

This conference ​looks at ​efforts to harness the ​mass of ​information ​collected in ​the water space ​and convert it ​to tools that ​can efficiently ​manage systems, ​especially ​those that are ​coastal, ​that interconnect ​ecology, water ​resources and ​society.   
Flood & Coast Conference - Telford, UK - 22 - 24 Feb, 2016
Led by the ​Environment ​Agency, the ​conference will ​bring together ​local ​authorities, ​owners of ​infrastructure, ​businesses and ​community ​groups to ​tackle the big ​questions ​relating to ​flood and ​coastal risk ​management today and ​in the future.
Featured Jobs

Communication and Projects Officer - Women for Water Partnership - The Hague, The Netherlands
Programme Manager - Women for Water Partnership - The Hague, The Netherlands
Chief Technology Officer - Pivot - Rwanda
Deputy Director, Urban Sanitation - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Seattle, WA, US
Experienced ​Flood Modeller ​Engineer - CARDNO - New South Wales, Australia

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